Eilison Triangular Dumbbells

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  • ANTI ROLL TECHNOLOGY : Triangle shape of dumbbells means it can be stacked anywhere without worrying about rolling. These dumbells are convenient and easy to store as these takes very little space.
  • NEOPRENE COATING FOR SOFT & NON-SLIP GRIP : Eilison Dumbbells comes with Neoprene soft and smooth coating which gives you comfort and ease of use during workout. You can enjoy your workout without worrying about dumbbells slipping from your sweaty hands due to its NON-SLIPPERY texture. Perfect for outdoor and indoor workouts.
  • TOUGH, STABLE, AND DURABLE : Dumbbell set is built using a high-quality cast-iron, your handheld weight set won’t break or bend after repeated use. Ideal for beginners and advanced users.
  • PERFECT FOR VARIOUS STRENGTH EXERCISES : Eilison dumbbell set helps you in toning of your body and in your quest for muscle growth and strengthening. Use them in your crossover lunge, rotational presses, alternating bent-over rows and forward bend to overhead press exercises. Each dumbbell has weight of 3lbs.


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